June 27, 2017

An Ode to Glossier

Damn you, Glossier.
I tried to resist you and your chic, minimalist packaging but I couldn't. Not to mention you're pronounced "Glossy-yay," which at first I hated, but now, kind of love. Who have I become?

Okay, I've snapped out of my poetic banter, but let's talk Glossier for real. Lately, my love for this brand has skyrocketed. A while ago I placed my first Glossier order and have since placed quite a few. Not going to lie, I hit a miss with their Generation G when it had no color pay off, was drying and smelled like play-dough. I also wasn't thrilled when the Milky Jelly Cleanser gave me milky giant whiteheads (Too much? But it's true...) but every other purchase since then has been a home run. I promise, only positive vibes from here on out!

Let's talk Balm Dot Com. I love the coconut one for slathering on my lips and all over my body (i.e. cuticles, elbows), but I obviously could not resist the new Milk Bar Bakery inspired Birthday Cake Flavor. I have been putting that delicious vanilla-scented balm with micro-shimmer on my lips all day since it arrived!

I've been dying over Haloscope in Quartz. It's the most subtle highlighter ever and looks like you are just naturally glowing where you place it. Some people don't love how subtle it is, but I love being extra and wearing highlighter every day, so I can get away with wearing this one to work without looking like a glitter bomb.

Cloud Paint is literal heaven on earth. It's a gorgeous liquid blush that blends seamlessly and just looks so natural. The color also lasts forever, which never happens for me with cream or liquid products.I have the color beam, because orangey blushes are really flattering and brightening on my skin tone, but don't think I haven't been eyeballing Dusk... Because I have.

Also, as a concealer junkie, their Stretch Concealer is incredible. Definitely stay away if you have oily skin, but if you have dry skin and love to only wear concealer on casual days, this one is for you. I especially love this around my nose if I have a cold or allergy troubles, because it gives great coverage and is really hydrating on dry skin.

So there you go, my Glossier rant has come to end. Not sure I will ever pick up any of their skincare items in the near future (still scarred from Milky Jelly) but I get on their site weekly to lust over Boy Brow, Dusk Cloud Paint, shoot, I've even looked at their sweatshirt. I know... so extra, so... Millenial.

Anyway, have you tried anything from Glossier that you can tell me about to feed my addiction? If so, let me know!

From left to right: Haloscope in Quartz, Cloud Pain in Beam, Stretch Concealer in Medium, Birthday Cake Balm dot Com

June 15, 2017

Bronzed & Boujee

Check out my current favorites to be bronze all summer long:

A natural "I was just in the sun all day" bronzer. It has a bit of shimmer, so use on cheeks, forehead, nose, and shoulders to fake a natural sun-goddess glow.
*This product is limited edition for the summer months

It stays put all day and is a universally flattering "milk chocolate with shimmer" color. I love blending on my lid and under my waterline for everyday wear.

If you love plumping lip gloss, run to your nearest Sephora or Ulta for this gym. It gives you the "it hurts so good" plumping feeling, while adding a natural browny nude tone to your lips. Perfect to compliment any sort of tan, real or fake.

May 26, 2017

The Absolute Best Gradual Tanner

Tanning is bad. K, thx, got it.

We all know tanning is bad and to apply and reapply SPF every waking hour, but facts are facts: everyone looks better with a little glow.
I am honestly far too scared to ever try the full on instant tanner ever again (shout out to my legs during track season in 7th grade) even though I know they have gotten worlds better, I much prefer the gradual tan route to build a more natural glow with a lower risk of splotches.

I have truthfully tried basically every option at the drugstore, and there is really no competition: Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiance Gradual Tanner + Body Lotion is #1.

In my opinion, this builds a much more seamless and natural color than the other drugstore brands, including the in-shower options. It has a light citrus scent, and is super moisturizing, which plays a big part in making your skin look overall, healthy.

I go back to refill this bad boy time and time again, especially in the Spring or if I am trying to make a natural Summer tan last longer

The Big Move & Blogging Realization

Hey. I moved.

If you're thinking either "what?" "why?!" "when?" or "okay?" let me give some explanation:

I filmed a video last weekend in which I was chatting to the camera, doing my makeup, and telling everyone all about my big move. During editing, my trackpad broke which meant my computer basically broke. Not going to lie, I threw a mini temper-tantrum before I realized, that this was my perfect excuse to get back to my roots in blogging by creating more web posts.

Filming videos kind of became my cop-out. It was easy to chat to the camera, show you my favorite products, and call it a day, but I felt like I had lost all creativity that came with actually blogging, and I love writing and reading old school blog posts. I took this as a sign and thought I would take some time to get back to blogging vs. vlogging.

Now onto the move: I don't think I spoke too much about this in my posts, but I have a boyfriend. His name is Max, and it's pretty serious (I can't ever write or say that not in a Kip from Napoleon Dynamite accent). So serious that we actually moved in together, which has honestly been amazing. We really have been enjoying every second and living together has been even better than we had imagined. I hate to blame my lack of blogging/vlogging/anything on the move, but honestly, that's definitely part of the silence.

Before we "officially" lived together, we basically lived together. Therefore, my stuff was consistently in two different places, which made it hard to ever take pictures/write posts/film videos/review new products or pieces, etc. Now that my life is all in one place, I am back and better than ever!
I'm so excited to get back to blogging and reconnecting. Exciting things to come... on the blog and in life!

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