November 30, 2016

Classic Holiday Party Look with Tobi

I love red dresses all year-round, but there is no better time to break one out than Holiday time. I think the contrast of a red dress against dark tights is just as classic and as festive as it gets, especially when met with a skater-style silhouette.

I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Tobi to share 3 different holiday party dress looks, and I could not have been more excited. I have shopped Tobi for years! From my college formal dress, my favorite sequin New Years Eve get-up, the first outfit I ever wore in Las Vegas, to my go-to sweater, Tobi has always been one of my favorite online shops. Tobi features trendy and classic clothing and accessories at affordable prices. The best part is that they add new arrivals every single day.

My eyes lit up when I saw the Amie Plunging Skater Dress, not only because of the color, but because of the style and it's "classic with an edge" appearance. It has the full-mini skirt which is really flattering, which is met with the v-cut that adds structure and support. It's also very comfortable and perfect for any year-round event. It's especially useful for Christmas parties, where this dress will surely not clash with, but enhance, the holiday lights and decor.

Be sure to check out this dress here, and view Tobi's other party dresses here.


This post is in collaboration with Tobi!

November 29, 2016

Festive Reds

I know several people who can rock a red lip year round, and I am not one of those people. I usually save the red lips for the festive months, meaning December - February, and that time of year has come! Although there are a bunch of incredible red lipsticks out there, I have narrowed it down to my favorites that I sincerely wear all of the time, and they are all different formulas.. yay!

This super red gloss is ultra-hydrating (it sincerely feels like your lips gulped water) and is also a stain. So as you eat, drink, and chat the night away, a gorgeous red stain is left behind to linger into the early hours of the next morning. Also a great pick if you are new to reds and want something not too intimidating.

If you're looking for a classic red color with excellent pigment and a classic creamy finish, this is the red for you! It's bright, but on the deeper side, which makes it more flattering for most skin tones and for whiter looking teeth. Plus the finish is not drying at all. I love this one for most occasions.

This color is more of a dusty pinky-red,so it adds a pop of color without being too in your face. The matte lip balm is also an amazing pick for those who want a matte lip without any dryness. Revlon's addition of the minty scent/flavor makes it a perfect party pick too! Especially after indulging in too many appetizers.

I got this mini version of the full size as my Sephora Birthday freebie last year, and it is everything I love in a red lip color! It's matte, but its extremely comfortable to wear. It's also on the brighter side, but still a deep color which is very flattering in photos, especially if you want your teeth to sparkle. I'm not sure if I will spring for the full-size once I run out of this mini, but I will surely use this one all up!

What are you favorite festive red lip colors?

xoxo Mollie

November 24, 2016


Just a few people I am Thankful for, although there are many, many more! :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

xoxo Mollie

November 20, 2016

Warm Thanksgiving Makeup | Talk-Through Tutorial | MollieBellezza

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving this year! I took advantage of my new Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette to create a warm smoky eye, and I love it! I of course left the lips nude so you can eat, drink, and chat the day/night away!

What are everyone's plans for Thanksgiving this year? Let me know below, I'd love to hear!

xoxo Mollie

November 17, 2016

My Favorite iPhone Apps (Right Now)

I honestly have no idea why I have just recently downloaded Bloglovin', especially since I have been using the computer site for years. I just love the layout of the app version. All of my favorite blogs in one clean and crisp place. It also makes for a discreet way to catch up on my favorite blogs during some work downtime ☺.

I recently read a Byrdie article about Kourtney Kardashian and how she believes upping her water intake has helped with her weight loss and seemingly ageless skin. They mentioned Waterlogged by name in the article, and it's such an easy way to track the amount of water you drink daily. I thought I was drinking enough per day, but it turns out, I was a few cups short! Now I've noticed a huge difference in my under-eye circles lightening, and my bloating subsiding. Yay!

I once went to a blogging convention, and a speaker mentioned this app as her favorite for filtering photos, and once I downloaded it, it quickly became mine. You can layer filters on top of your photos and can even save your favorite recipes for future use. Perfect if your someone who wants an Instagram theme. This is the only app that isn't free, but it is well work the $2 since I use it every time I post.

This isn't a new app by any means, but lately, I have been all over this thing! I genuinely prefer scrolling through Pinterest in iPhone app form, because I think it's just so quick and easy to use, and I love the layout on a smaller screen. Lately, I've been checking it out for Holiday recipe ideas and fashion inspiration!

Would you guys like to a see a What's on My iPhone video? If you do, let me know in the comments!

xoxo Mollie

November 15, 2016

Bra-Blems with Third Love

Bras: Totally uncomfortable, but completely necessary. If for nothing else, to provide support to prevent future sagging, It's no secret that the majority of women hate good ol' brassieres. Luckily, I have been blessed on the smaller side of things, so I know I don't have it too terrible, but I still struggle in some areas.

My personal biggest issue are straps that fall down (probably due to lack of usage of the actual cups... gulps). I had no idea until reading the below infographic from Third Love, that different bra styles can help with this issue!

 Third Love is an awesome Bra, Panties, and Sleep company that offer affordable options that are so comfortable, you forget you are even wearing anything! My favorite feature from Third Love is their Try Before You Buy option, where you can legit wear one of their bras before deciding if you like it and want to keep it or not. Third Love also offers free shipping anywhere in the U.S... Genius!

If you too suffer from #BraBlems and want help finding a perfect bra that combats these issues, check out the fun inforgraphic below for style suggestions. I also have a special Promo Code for my readers that you can use at checkout!

 Promo Code: 

What are your biggest #BraBlems?

 XXOO Mollie

November 9, 2016

My Everyday Autumn Lip Colors

It's getting to that time of year were my lips become the same color as my skin, which can make me look sick or dehydrated (yes, this is a thing!) so I feel like I need a little something-something on my lips to get me through the day without looking washed out. My three favorite nude colors are very on-trend, easy to wear, and pretty, as well as being appropriate for all occasions (bold lips in the workplace are a major no for me). Find out my favorites below!

MAC Spice Liner

I absolutely adore wearing this lip liner as an all-over color. The color is just as it sounds, a subtle spicy red-brown that isn't too dark, rich, or unnatural. Plus, since it's a pencil it goes on matte and lasts forever, and also fits into any size purse!

This one is the easiest to wear and the most natural. It's a pinky-brown that is really moisturizing and flattering no matter what time of the year. I love that I can apply it with a mirror and it gives me the perfect amount of color without being drying or uncomfortable in any way shape or form.

Kylie Literally Gloss

I seriously love a good gloss. Sometimes I feel like a matte lip can make me look clownish or flat, depending on the day, but a gloss is always young and fresh. I love this rosy-brown gloss from Kylie Cosmetics. It's pigmented and not sticky at all, and gives me the shine that I absolutely love for an every day look.

MAC Velvet Teddy

This color is my classic Fall/Winter matte. It's a rosy brown that is long-wearing, not at all drying and just overall very pretty. This color especially makes my teeth look extra white and adds some (much needed) color back to my face during this time of year. It's a classic for a reason!

What are your favorite go-to colors this time of year?

XXOO Mollie