May 26, 2017

The Big Move & Blogging Realization

Hey. I moved.

If you're thinking either "what?" "why?!" "when?" or "okay?" let me give some explanation:

I filmed a video last weekend in which I was chatting to the camera, doing my makeup, and telling everyone all about my big move. During editing, my trackpad broke which meant my computer basically broke. Not going to lie, I threw a mini temper-tantrum before I realized, that this was my perfect excuse to get back to my roots in blogging by creating more web posts.

Filming videos kind of became my cop-out. It was easy to chat to the camera, show you my favorite products, and call it a day, but I felt like I had lost all creativity that came with actually blogging, and I love writing and reading old school blog posts. I took this as a sign and thought I would take some time to get back to blogging vs. vlogging.

Now onto the move: I don't think I spoke too much about this in my posts, but I have a boyfriend. His name is Max, and it's pretty serious (I can't ever write or say that not in a Kip from Napoleon Dynamite accent). So serious that we actually moved in together, which has honestly been amazing. We really have been enjoying every second and living together has been even better than we had imagined. I hate to blame my lack of blogging/vlogging/anything on the move, but honestly, that's definitely part of the silence.

Before we "officially" lived together, we basically lived together. Therefore, my stuff was consistently in two different places, which made it hard to ever take pictures/write posts/film videos/review new products or pieces, etc. Now that my life is all in one place, I am back and better than ever!
I'm so excited to get back to blogging and reconnecting. Exciting things to come... on the blog and in life!

May 23, 2017

The Easy & Affordable Brush Cleaner

I don't clean my makeup brushes enough, and I feel comfortable making the assumption that the majority of makeup users are in that same boat.

When I first realized that cleaning my brushes was not only practical (no mixing of different eye shadow colors or skin formulas) but also hygienic (hello bacterial breakouts from dirty brushes), I didn't really even know where to start. How do I clean my brushes and with what? Dish soap? I tried several different "brand" brush cleaners that were expensive and mildly effective.

The one day, the clouds parted and the sun shined its rays onto Dr. Bronner's Bar Soap. You wouldn't think much of it, since it really is just a bar of soap that you would find in someone's bathroom, but this soap has magical powers. Not only is it made with natural fair-trade ingredients, but it cleans my makeup brushes better than anything I have ever used.

To use, I just dampen my brushes under water, and run them along to soap to get all of the excess out. I rinse and repeat until the water runs clear, then softly reshape my brush with a towel before leaving it overnight on a washcloth to dry.

Dr. Bronner's Soap also comes in a liquid version, if you're more into that sort of thing, and a wide range of amazing scents (my favorites are peppermint and rose). Did I also mention that it's under $5? No? Well it is.

May 22, 2017

Yes, OUAI!

I am by no means a hair guru. I love doing my hair but I usually do pretty much the same thing ever time I style it, for the most part. One step I never leave out pre-blow dry or just when I need a little boost of life is hair oil. It makes my hair look so much healthier and shinier, especially since mine is so dark.

I have been dying to try out Ouai products because I am a Jen Atkin fan and think she is the queen of hair. Of course, I didn't need a darn thing when the Sephora VIB sale came around, but the 15% off was calling my name and I was almost out of my current hair oil, so it wasn't hard to twist my arm and try Ouai's option.

Oh my goodness, what a find! First of all, I loooove the smell. It's floral but fresh and just amazing. I finally understand what everyone is talking about when they talk about the scent. It is an absolute delight for the nose!

Secondly, this hair oil is also definitely the best I have ever tried. It comes out of the pump a bit liquid-y, but I think that is the secret to how it makes my hair look healthy and shiny, without weighing it down at all. I love using it on my damp hair before styling, or even if my ends look a little dry and I need a pick me up. Another plus is that the bottle is huge, so I know I will be using it for a long time before I need a refresh.

I'm happy to say I now understand the hype and I'm into it. Hype it up. Ouai deserves it. When I run out of my other hair-styling products, I will most definitely be trying more from the brand.

Have you tried anything from Ouai? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

xx Mollie 

May 19, 2017

Kylie Cosmetics + KKW

I gave into the hype, and I'm not even mad. When I saw Kylie Jenner pimping her new Kylie Cosmetics collection with sister and beauty icon, Kim Kardashian West, I was intrigued, but when I saw the pinky nude velvet-creme lipsticks, I was through!

I actually managed to resist long enough to not give into the hype the first time around, but I did give in for a restock, and I have to say, it's a perfect option for:

 a) someone who loves pinky-nude lips 
b) someone who works in a professional environment, but still wants to wear lipstick
c) someone who doesn't want to wear a bold matte lip on the daily
From top to bottom: Kimmie, Kiki, Kim, Kimberly

My two favorite colors are the mid-toned Kim & Kiki, but I also surprisingly enjoy Kimberly, a more brown-ish nude.
I gave Kimmie to my sister and she also loves the rosy-nude-pink.

If you're wondering at all whether or not to plunge during the next restock, I would say to not hesitate at all! Way to go, KKDubs!

xoxo Mollie

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