October 19, 2017

Burberry Banner | My Everyday Bag

Via Instagram lately, I have been getting nonstop questions about the purse I am almost always carrying around. For my birthday last year, I was lucky enough to be gifted a Burberry Banner Bag from my boyfriend, and it was truly, tear-inducing. I had had designer bags in the past, but honestly nothing near as nice as this. He knows that I love pieces with a classic style, that will never be off-trend, so after doing lots of research, he thought this pick from Burberry would best suit my style.

I love the structure of the bag. It's a nice sturdy rectangle shape, with tiny gold-detailed legs on the bottom. The bag overall is grainy-black leather (perfect to hide scratches) but has the classic Burberry plaid pattern on the sides. I also am absolutely in love with the very small and subtle "Burberry" imprinting in gold near the bottom of the front.

The bag is "open style" with a leather hook among the handles for closure. It has so much storage space, that I can fit endless items in here, and not feel overwhelmed in the slightest. I love the gold detailed hooks along top as well, for if you want to add/remove a strap for over-the-shoulder or hands-only wear.

Honestly, this bag is so classic, I know I will carry it for the rest of my life. If you are in the market for an investment style handbag, I couldn't recommend this enough!

*Another shout-out to my insane and amazing boyfriend. I actually did cry when he gave it to me and for days after.

October 17, 2017

More Ouai

The trial of every woman (I assume) is that we run out of all of our products at once, resulting in very high checkout totals at the store. For me, this happened with my hair products, but instead of grabbing my affordable go-to's, I decided to 'Treat Yoself 2017" and upgraded to some Ouai products.

You already know that I love the Ouai Hair Oil, but I was intrigued yet again by their Smooth Spray, a combo of heat protectant, frizz control, and leave-in conditioner, and their Texturizing Hair Spray for hold and that amazing somewhat-dirty feeling that gives hair major volume and beachy vibes.

Shocking to probably no one, both of these products do not disappoint. I am particularly obsessed with the Smooth Spray, for it's multiple benefits all-in-one. The Texturizing Spray is hands-down the best I have ever used, especially because it does what it claims without being heavy on the hair. Of course, these both have that incredible Ouai signature scent, floral but young and zesty. I can smell it throughout the day, but it's not overpowering. Even my boyfriend has been complimenting how great my hair smells lately!

There has been only one 'miss' in the Ouai range so far, and it is not pictured here because I returned it, but it was the Ouai Thinning Hair Supplement. I thought I would give it a try because it was a multi-vitamin that had lots of properties that I enjoyed (high Vitamin D, C, and Biotin) but the MSM, which is what is the miracle product for hair here, broke me out like crazy. So disappointing because I've heard amazing things, but I just could not compromise my skin for killer hair growth,

What products from Ouai have been hits and misses for you? I would love to hear!

xoxo Mollie

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October 12, 2017

Lemon Roast Chicken & Broccolini - Cooking for Max

After my last Cooking For Max meal from Ina's cookbook felt quite light, I thought I would try something a little bit more complex and "Man-Friendly." I gave Ina's Lemon Roasted Chicken a shot and let me tell you, it was a lot easier than I thought! The only major issue I ran into was my own cringy-ness in having to butterfly the chicken (Note: have the butcher do it next time.)
I didn't necessarily have a hard time, but essentially using shears to cut through chicken bone was not my favorite thing of all time.
I will say that this chicken was so juicy and moist, which is so hard to do with chicken, let alone an entire chicken! I paired the chicken with Ina's roasted broccolini, which was really easy and very delicious.. I definitely liked it way more than regular broccoli. Max loved this meal too. I couldn't believe how easy it was, but it will be something we definitely have again and again... especially with the cooler weather heading this way!

Max's thoughts on the meal:
" This may be my favorite thing you've ever made." Said before even taking his first bite.

Max's Overall Rating: 8

Very similar recipe for chicken found here

Broccolini recipe found here

October 10, 2017

SkinClear with Neutrogena

Neutrogena is one of the first makeup brands I ever used way back in the day when first getting into makeup. I loved the idea of their makeup being skin-care oriented and Dermatologist recommended! Probably because I had problematic skin (dry with breakouts), it was nice to know that what I was putting on my face was not only enhancing, but also helping, my skin. My possible favorite discovery from the brand was their SkinClearing Liquid Foundation which contains Salicylic Acid to help treat and prevent breakouts. My skin responds so well to Salicylic Acid, so I seriously loved how much this helped my actual skin, while providing beautiful coverage.

I am so excited to work with Neutrogena to show off their SkinClearing line which now does not only include liquid foundation, but also Concealer and Mineral Powder, all of which contain their amazing MicroClear technology which helps reduce blemishes for clearer skin. I am currently using the shade Nude in their liquid foundation, Natural Ivory in the powder and fair in the concealer. I also love that this foundation is oil-free which keeps my skin shine-free all day, but doesn't dry my skin out in the least. It also looks amazing in photos and flash photography, which is always a bonus! The powder is mattifying without being flat, and the concealer is perfect to cover blemishes with... the applicator makes it so you don't even have to touch your breakout which is so nice and hygienic.

All in all, Neutrogena's SkinClear line helps me to be SkinClear to take on the day with confidence. When my skin looks good, I feel good, and this line definitely helps me achieve that feeling!

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