June 26, 2016

Easy Gluten-Free Chocolate Coconut Bars! | MollieBellezza

I was craving a creamy, coconutty, sweet treat, and was able to make a healthy & easy version. Did I mention that it's delicious?!

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Let me know if you try these as well!! Do you have any favorite healthy & easy summer sweet treat suggestions?

xoxo Mollie

June 21, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss Review

Two weeks ago, I achieved the impossible, the unthinkable: I got through the Kylie Cosmetics website and was able to purchase a lip gloss.

Now, I know Kylie Cosmetics is primarily sought after for the lip kits, but to be honest, I am much more of a gloss girl. Matte lips, while fun once in a while, kind of freak me out. And as someone who has a fear of dry lips, a drying, mattifying formula just doesn't work for me.

I was intrigued by the glosses, mostly because I love the colors. I don't think I've ever seen neutral colors like this in gloss form. I opted for the color "Literally" and I was also able to grab "So Cute" for my sister.

If you want my honest opinion, I think these lip glosses are incredible. The formula is really shiny and extremely long-lasting. This is also probably the most pigmented lip gloss I've ever come across. The glosses have a faint sweet smell,  like a pumped-up vanilla that I don't mind at all. The only thing I even moderately dislike is that the brush pulls so much, too much, product on the lips, but I just wipe some off on the inside of the tube before application.

Each gloss retails for $15 (it came out to around $19 with shipping & taxes) but I honestly think these glosses are better quality than gloss ranges from Nars & Marc Jacobs, that retail up to $28.

Have you tried to Kylie glosses? What do you think of them?

xoxo Mollie

June 20, 2016

Minimal Makeup Routine | MollieBellezza

Since it's summer & it's a time of being endlessly busty (& really hot) I thought I would share with you my extremely quick minimal makeup routine.

This is my go-to when I either have no time to get ready, or just want to put a little something easy on my face.

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What are your essentials for minimal makeup?

xoxo Mollie

June 16, 2016

Summer Picks from Lush

It's hard for me to go to the mall and resist Lush. Especially in the winter.. I love a good bath bomb.

This time, I walked into Lush with a purpose. I suffer from eczema in the summer via heat and allergies, and have heard incredible things about their Dream Cream being a great way to help calm flare-ups.

Dream Cream is super soothing, and is a bit oily, which my dry skin loves. The smell is lavender-based, so it's not too sweet or overpowering, just very subtle and soothing. My skin is so unbelievably hydrated after using this, it's amazing that the formula is so light and thin.
Also, spoiler-alert - my eczema has already started to fade after a couple uses. Miracle cream, indeed! I'm in love.

I couldn't check out without being distracted by the refrigerator (stick with me here) filled with fresh face masks. Fresh face masks are kept in the fridge because they are made with such fresh ingredients, they expire after a couple of weeks. I've always wanted to try one, but they sell out pretty quickly. I found a good pick for congested skin, Brazened Honey.

I had been having some hormonal breakouts, and wanted to try a mask that would bust my blemishes, without dehydrating my skin. Brazened Honey did just that! I also felt that my skin was softer and brighter after using it, and it smells like vanilla honey and it's magic.

What are your favorite Lush picks this summer?

xoxo Mollie

June 13, 2016

HACONUT Natural Body Wash

As a blogger, I am very lucky to be sent a lot of products. As you can imagine, I don't fall in love with a lot of them. Once in a while, though, there is something that excites me greatly! Recently, this item was the Refreshing Coconut + Peppermint Oil Body Wash from HACONUT.


About a year ago, I got on a huge natural product kick. The one item I had trouble finding, was clean & healthy body wash. Sure, I love Dr. Bronner's, but it doesn't have great moisturizing power, and left my skin really itchy and dehydrated.

That is absolutely not the case with this HACONUT body wash. It lathers up, but doesn't get too soapy, so it's not stripping my skin. It's almost a little thicker, so it doubles up great for shaving. The smell is invigorating, and it even cools your skin as you use it... which is amazing for the summer heat!

All-in-All, if you're looking for an amazing, organic, & "clean" body wash, look no further than HACONUT! Thank you so much to HACONUT for sending me this product!

*This product was sent to me for uncompensated consideration. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

June 9, 2016

Exfoliating for the Summer

Summer is here and so is the fact that we will be showing much more skin!
Whether you'll be in a bikini, shorts, or mini dress, you will most likely want to show of your beautiful smooth skin... "Smooth" being the operative word here, because if you're at all like me, you probably have some areas that are a little more rough and bumpy than others.

Never fear! There are several ways to exfoliate and remove dead, dry skin or any unwanted textural issues before heading out for some fun in the sun. Here are a few of my favorite options when it comes to body exfoliation:

Trader Joe's Lavender Salt Scrub

Salt scrubs are the more traditional route to go, and this one from Trader Joe's is an incredible option. It's essentially salt that is soaked in essential oils and moisturizing agents that you use to smooth away dead skin cells. This options is just as great as a high-end salt scrub, but for a fraction of the price. The only warning I have is beware if you have any cuts or wounds to avoid irritation from the salt.

The Bathery Dry Brush

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of dry-brushing. Not only is the sensation absolutely incredible, but the act of dry brushing also increases circulation, promotes toxin drainage from the body, and of course, gently brushes away dead skin cells. It sounds absolutely insane, but trust: after you get started, you'll be hooked!

Body Benefits by Body Image Bath Gloves

I picked these up on a total whim during my last trip to Wal-Mart, and I'm so glad that I did. Despite it being kind of awkward to put on gloves in the shower, it's almost like wearing a rough washcloth on your hands that you can use to multi-task, which is kind of incredible. I like to wear these into the shower, get the gloves wet, and lather up with my favorite body wash before cleansing and exfoliating - two birds with one stone!

What are your favorite ways to get your skin smooth & Summer-ready!

xoxo Mollie

June 6, 2016

Chanel + Macy's Beauty Event


I was more than thrilled to get an invite to attend Chanel + Macy's beauty event last week!
Of course, what woman wouldn't start drooling at the chance to play with any luxury makeup, let alone Chanel?


The event focused on how to achieve the iconic Chanel look, using their amazing beauty products. We got to try everything from skincare to smokey eyes, and all of the attending ladies, including myself, had an amazing time! My favorite product was their Stylo Yeaux Waterproof Long Eyeliner. It went on so creamy and did not budge all night from my waterline!

Our finished looks were all very different and tailored to each woman and personality, but of course we all looked glamorous and classy, just like the Chanel brand itself.

Thank you so much to Macy's for throwing this wonderful event!

Have you ever tried Chanel beauty products? If so, what is your favorite?

xoxo Mollie