Brand Obsession: bareMinerals

October 1, 2014

After a conversation with my friend Macey a few months ago about the new Bareskin Serum Foundation from bareMinerals, she and I both realized "Wow, we do have a lot of bareMinerals stuff!" After quite a few years, I have noticed that my bareMinerals collection has more than multiplied, and it is by far my most favorite brand. Here are a few of my most favorite bareMinerals items.

Foundation, Eye shadow, and Face Color.

These items are very much the heart of the "mineral" basis of the brand. Mineral makeup is such a draw because it allows your skin to actually breathe, which gives a lower change of pore clogging and breakouts. Many people with sensitive or dry skin might be apprehensive, but I qualify under both of those categories, and obviously I love this stuff.
I prefer the original foundation**, which is the loose pigment. Although it is messy and a powder, it actually leaves a luminous sheen on the skin. It also contains SPF which is great for sun protection. I also did notice a pretty dramatic decrease in facial redness after using this makeup for a while, which is awesome! It has great staying power, and it looks super natural. I also am a fan of the Bareskin Serum Foundation (not pictured because I literally just forgot). It looks extremely natural and is a liquid, which I like using much more in the colder months for some added moisture.
The eye shadows are also in loose pigment form, which again can be messy, but makes for amazing looking eye shadow on the lid! Loose pigments allow for eye shadows to have more "pure" color. If this kind of eye shadow contains glitter, the glitter will not fade off while transferring on the lid. One of the first eye shadows I ever got were bareMinerals in a starter kit, and I've been in love ever since!!
As far as the blush and bronzer go, I love these just as much. The bronzer is not orange or muddy in any way, and the blush adds a really pretty luminosity without looking glittery. The biggest plus is that these don't break me out at all, which I have had lots of issues with in the past with other blushes. Plus (especially with the bronzer) you get quite a significant of product! These items are a little pricey, but when considering the amazing qualities they all have for your skin, and the amount of product you get, it's totally worth it.

Brushes, Primer, and Lipgloss

I only think I have ever bought one bareMinerals brush by itself. One of the great things about this company is that they have many kits. Starter kits, eye shadow kits, complexion kits, etc. I have had several of these over the years, and they all come with brushes. Shadow brushes, face brushes, whatever kind of kit it is, a brush usually comes with it, which is a great deal! These brushes are super high quality and although they are higher end, they are a great investment because how often do you need to buy new makeup brushes? (the answer should be hardly never if you take good care of them!) I can honestly say that I use one of these brushes every day, whether it's for shadow or face, or whether it's with bareMinerals or not.. I'm using them on the daily. 
You should all know my thought on this shadow primer if you read by post about bases, but it's honestly one of the best out there. Keeps your shadows on all day (and night) without looking grimey. I dig it.
I only own one lipgloss from bareMinerals, but I love these Marvelous Moxies. They are pigmented, not sticky and also are minty flavored (great for that fresh breath!!) I love using the red color specifically around the holidays. My sister has some other colors too and the quality is just as great in all of them.

There are so many other things from bareMinerals that I have yet to try, like a highly praised skincare line, lipsticks, fake tan, etc., but I don't think it's crazy to say that they are one of my most favorite brands out there! Love ya,  bareMinerals!! 

Are there any bareMinerals products you've tried and loved? Any you now want to try?

xx Mollie

**original foundation currently pictured is in the Special Edition Holiday 2013 packaging.

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