Hair Care Essentials

September 22, 2014

As I would love to just walk out of the house with my hair wet and have it air-dry into magical beautiful waves, I was just not blessed that way. In fact most attempts to air dry turn into me sleeping on wet hair (it takes around 4 hours + to air dry) and then waking up with an actually impressive afro. This whole debacle results in me having to blow dry and heat style my hair by curling or straightening most days of the week. Since this is obviously super damaging on the hair, causing split ends, frizz, and straw light texture, I sometimes have to take extra measures. Here are my favorite hair-care items to keep my hair in tip-top shiny, healthy, shape!

Tangle Teezer Hairbrush

I am obsessed with this thing. I actually didn't own a hairbrush and saw this at Target one day and decided to give it a try. It glides through my hair like a dream, removes tangles without any pain, and the best part is, the little teeth catch my hair so it doesn't spill all over the floor. Plus it is very safe to use on wet hair and won't cause splitting or damage.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

This is my secret weapon in healthy hair. I am very prone to split ends, but after I started using this once a week, I have noticed a really great improvement. I like to use this usually on Sundays, after a weekend of heat styling. I just take a glob of this and spread it on the bottom half of my hair in the shower after shampooing. I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes in the shower while I continue the rest of my routine, and rinse it out very last. It makes my hair super soft, and keeps the split ends at bay. Also this tub lasts FOREVER. I bought this tub in January and I still think I have 2-3 months use left. That's pretty amazing!

Not Your Mother's Lock Luster Oil Treatment

This oil treatment includes argan and macadamia oil and is think and super hydrating. I like to use this on this ends of my hair if they are feeling crispy or if I've been heat styling a lot. I also like to use a little big to smooth down flyaways once in a while. I'm not sure what is in this, but it smells phenomenal! This is definitely the trick to keeping straightened hair looking healthy and shiny.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow Out Spray

I used to love mousse for making my hair look blown out, but never again after using this. I cannot give myself a true round brush blow out without half of my hair getting ripped out, so this is much easier. Just spray all over wet hair, comb through, blow dry upside down, and voila! It doesn't give me out of this world volume, but the lift is for sure noticeable.

It's A 10 Miracle Leave - In Conditioner

This is my holy grail hair product, NO DOUBT. I use this every single time I wash my hair. It's amazing, and my sister and I are obsessed. I spray this on after I shower (before I brush my hair) and it detangles hair, heat protects, smooths frizz, adds nutrients, etc. I mean this thing does everything! I currently have the "plus keratin" version because I find it's a bit lighter than the original which is nice for summer, but they have so many variations of this products it's unbelievable. If I had to give up everything on this list and keep one thing, it would be this little miracle bottle.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

I can literally write an entire post on all my favorite things to do with Coconut Oil (I probably will), but one of my favorite is a hair mask. Since my hair is a bit dry, I like to treat it to a mask of this stuff once in a while. I warm up the oil in my hands, and spread it from root to ends until my whole head is covered. I've left it on for 30 minutes before, and I've also left it on for around 4 hours before. I don't think the amount of time you let your hair soak in this really matters, but the results are pretty amazing. Super soft and shiny, and smelling so great. The only thing I recommend is washing REALLY well after using this. The first time I had a hard shampooing it out of the back of my head and it looked a little greasy til i washed it next. Coconut Oil is also ridiculously cheap and attainable.. it can be found anywhere! My favorite one is from Trader Joe's.

Healthy Hair Soy Touchable Weightless Hair Spray

I have never been a fan of hairspray. Since my hair is pretty thick, it usually would backfire and weigh my hair down, making me curls fall, roots look flat, etc. This hairspray though is absolutely perfect. It is super light-weight, not stiffening at all, and it smells really nice. It has argan oil infused in it, so it isn't stripping or drying like some other hairspray. I have to say, this hairspray converted me!

What are your favorite hair care essentials?

xx Mollie

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