Mascara Addiction: Revlon's Bold Lacquer

September 18, 2014

Hi. My name is Mollie, and I'm addicted to mascara. 

It's true. If I'm leaving the house with one thing on my face, it's mascara. This addiction causes me to go through mascara pretty quickly, but it also gives me the chance to try out new mascara's every time I run out.

Before I get started on this review, I want to point out that I primarily only buy mascaras at the drugstore, for they are usually half the price of high end mascaras, and they have many that are just as good, if not better, than many high end brands.
Secondly, I usually tend to buy the waterproof formulation every time I get a new tube. I do this because I wear pretty heavy concealer and eye cream, and sometimes non-waterproof runs down my face due to the cream. Also, I find that waterproof tends to flake less and hold a curl all day, which I'm into. But usually if a waterproof formula is good, then the non-waterproof is even better, for you waterproof and longwear haters out there.

So moving on, after running out of my last mascara, I was really excited to try the Revlon's Bold Lacquer. I had seen a few mentions of it online, and it overall had pretty great reviews. I got it in the waterproof, blackest black option.

I'm not really a super-sucker for packaging, but I DO love the colors on this tube. Looks like a blue-green magical ocean of some sort, and I just like looking at it!


The wand is a bristly, not plastic, wand, and when I first pulled it out of the tube it had a LOT of product on it, so I had to rub some off. The blackest black part is absolutely true, which I love. It's almost shiny with how black it is.This mascara also contains shiny black fibers to volumize and lengthen lashes, which you can kind of see if you look closely at the wand and tube opening.
BEFORE - Hey, look it's my puffy eyes at 7 am :)
As I started applying I noticed that the formulation is very wet, which normally I prefer. This mascara promises to give you "volume + length to the nth degree." The length, I agree with, the volume, not too much. I felt I had a hard time building up a curl because of the wet formulation, but after a little work I noticed my lashes looked pretty long and amazing.

Before I left the house, I thought this looked really nice. Throughout the day, though, I noticed some subtle flaking down my cheeks, and my curl flattened out a lot. I think the flaking might have actually been the fibers in the mascara.

Overall I would say it's not the world's greatest mascara, but it is really pretty and the idea is on the right track!. I will definitely be using this on the daily.

And the tube is pretty  :)

What's your favorite mascara from the drugstore?

xx Mollie


  1. So I have this mascara and I find it clumps so easily its hard to get a natural looking lasn. And its incredibly difficult to get off! Pretty sure I still have some on my lashes from two days ago! I was excited to hopefully find someone that worked well to give me some length. :(

    1. Sorry this didn't work out for you! Maybe try the non-waterproof formula? Waterproof is just what I prefer.
      Not all the things I love everyone else will love, but I always give my 100% personal, honest opinions!