Smelling Like Chocolate

September 14, 2014
With autumn and winter upon us, it's time for me to amp up my nighttime body moisturizer.
I am one of those people who hardly goes to bed without putting lotion on my hands and feet and it is a MUST in my bedtime routine, especially since I have dry, sensitive skin. As I wandered through the drugstore on the hunt for my new lotion, I was seriously surprised and impressed with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion.

I know this is the line that promotes the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy (who can erase those Ali Landry commercials from their memory?) but hear me out:
First of all, this stuff smells like chocolate. Straight up chocolate. Obviously this is derived from the fact that the lotion contains cocoa butter as the main ingredient, but it is a very nice item, especially with the colder weather and holidays upon us, the scent seems pretty appropriate.
Secondly, this lotion is super thick and creamy, which is absolutely what I look for in a nighttime moisturizer. I would definitely say it's probably a little too thick for daytime, but for bedtime, it's my new #1.
Lastly, it is paraben free and contains Vitamin E, which helps prevent signs of aging.

What is your favorite nighttime moisturizer in the colder seasons?

xx Mollie

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