Christmas Came Early at Lush!

October 15, 2014


 I'm 100% obsessed with all things Christmas, and luckily for me, Christmas begins in October at Lush stores!!

 Lush is a handmade cosmetic store with vegan products that specialize in luxury bath items. They basically invented the "the bath bomb," and make products that smell amazzzzzzing from shower gels, to lotion, bubble baths, lip scrubs, etc.
 Lush is definitely a bit pricey, but it's fun to treat yourself once in a while... especially when their limited edition Christmas items come out!! Now I could have gone absolutely crazy in that store, so luckily my sister came along to keep me in check. This what I ended up treating myself to:

Rose Jam Shower Gel
This stuff, oh man. It smells so, so good. It definitely smells like rose, but has that jam like quality. It's sweet, but not overpowering. It's a very nice girly scent that is only available during the holidays, so I just went for it and got the biggest size. The great thing about the big sizes at Lush is you get more product for a better value, and they last you forever. The last time I got this size, I was using it for 6+ months, so I'm gonna be rocking this Rose Jam scent until late spring, I'm guessing.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
This is the one Lush fans really go crazy for during Christmas. It smells very sweet, like cotton candy and vanilla, but not sickly sweet. Plus it has subtle shimmer in it which is fun and festive. I got the medium size of this so I could use it during the festive months, but don't have too much that I have to store it away for next year. This is such a fun Christmas-y scent and definitely puts me in the holiday spirit!

ButterBear Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is Lush's "Butterball" in the shape of a bear for the holidays. I love the way it's scented. It does have a very warm, sweet, buttery quality to it with hints of cocoa butter, vanilla, and ylang ylang. This bomb also makes your bath super soft and nourishing which is great for the dry winter months. I will definitely be saving this for when I am under the weather sometime.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
This bomb, another holiday original, is shaped like a present! It is huge, and it has glitter on it. When you put this sucker in your bath it fizzes and releases a ton of beautiful colors and glitter which makes your bath water super pretty. It also has a really clean and fresh scent. A bit zesty with orange and cognac, it kind of smells like champagne! I like to break this bomb up to get more use out of it since it's so large, but it is the ultimate Christmas-bath treat!

Have you ever tried Lush items? What is your favorite way to pamper yourself during the winter months?

xx Mollie

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