Easy Daily Contouring

October 12, 2014
Welcome back to the 80s, it's time to talk about contouring.
Contouring has gotten a lot of attention lately as a way to completely transform your face. It makes your face look thinner and more chiseled, and you can also customize the way you contour to make certain parts of your face look smaller, brighter, or just more accentuated. 
I like to do a little bit of a light contour every day, just to slim down my face and add some color and depth. Here is my little, very easy, routine which is simple enough for anyone to try and see results!              


Before on the left, after on the right

All you need for basic contouring is a matte bronzer that is bit darker than your skin tone, and a a blush brush or even a contouring brush. Here I have The High Dive from BareMinerals as my bronzer, and the RealTechniques Blush Brush.

The first place I start off is underneath my cheekbones. You can see where you need to place the bronzer by sucking in your cheeks (fish face) and swirling the bronzer in the hollow area. The trick for this part is to start back by your ear, and to bring the bronzer down the hollow only to about the  the area of your cheek that lines up with the outer corner of your eye. If you do not start your bronzer all the way back towards your ear/ bring it all the way down to your mouth, it will look very unnatural and pretty obvious that you're trying to contour.

Next, you want to place your bronzer on the "outline" of your face. So your forehead underneath your hairline, your temples, etc. Avoid dragging the bronzer down onto your actual forehead. That is great trick to use for a suntanned look, but not for contouring! Try to keep the bronzer of the portion around the perimeter of your face.

The last major area to bronze is your jawline. Start all the way back by your ear, and place bronzer all along the lower portion of your jawline and chin. Make sure to drag the bronzer down a bit so your neck matches this portion of your face. This will be the most slimming effect on your face if done correctly.

Finally, as an extra touch (and for a slimmer looking nose) you can use a small brush, or just pinch the end of your blush brush to make it slimmer like I have here, the add two bronze lines down the side of the bridges of your nose. If you end of bronzing the actual sides of your nose (think the nostril area) you can make your nose look larger. Try not to make these bronze lines TOO harsh, because they will be very noticeable. Just try to keep a light hand and you will see the difference.

I hope this post helped any of you new to contouring! Let me know how it worked for you and if you'll be using these tricks in the future!

xx Mollie

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