Glam Glow Supermud Dupe!

October 23, 2014
Girl, put down that credit card, and back out of Sephora!
Clay masks are awesome because they do basically everything to improve your skin: they smooth bumps, improve redness, dry up breakups, and literally pull out clogs in your pores.. Glam Glow Super Mud has been considered the best clay mask of all time, until now.
 Check out Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleanser.

I once used the Glam Glow Super Mud Mask off a friend one night at her house and it was seriously amazing. My face felt so soft and looked so good, but I could never justify spending $69 on a jar that only contains 1.2 ounces.
I first heard about the Aztec Secret from one of my favorite YouTubers, KathleenLights, and I had to say I was super intrigued.
First of all, you can get a whole pound of this stuff for less than $8. I found mine on, but I do believe you can get it at Whole Foods or other health food stores.
Second of all, it works even better than Glam Glow.

When you get the clay, it is in pure powder form and to activate it you mix it with apple cider vinegar. Then when you put it on your face, as it starts drying you can LITERALLY feel your face pulsate. I remember reading that and thinking that sounded crazy, but you CAN. You basically can feel the clay pulling stuff out of your skin, which is disgusting, but awesome.

I usually put this bad boy on and leave it until it dries, and then go ahead and wash it off with warm water. Afterwards your face will be really red, but it goes away after a while. I also moisturize very intensely after using this, because if you don't your face will feel terribly dry.
When at first using this mask, you might break out in little white heads, but that's all the junk the mask has pulled out of your pores, but the more you use it, the less that will happen. BUT I wouldn't advise using it more than once a week, or you'll have some dry skin on your hands.

I could rave about this all day long, not only because it's awesome and works well, but because it is an AMAZING dupe. So go ahead, save yourself $61 and get the same results :)

Are there any amazing product dupes you've found?

xx Mollie


  1. What video was this on and how is it doing so far?

  2. Hey Alexis,

    I use this mask once a week and I am LOVING it! My skin feels tightened and clearer, and it unclogs my pores! :)

  3. I LOOOVVEE this mask! i live for basically lol. kidding but seriously i do it all the time probably every other week or so and always before i have a trip or something bc it keeps skin all nice and clear, this reminds me i need to order a new tub of it