Music Moment :Taylor Swift "1989"

October 27, 2014

I think I need to address an elephant in the room, and that elephant is Taylor Swift's "1989." I can't claim to be a music lover, and ignore possibly one of the worlds most anticipated albums of this year.
I would like to state that I AM in fact a Taylor Swift MUSIC fan, but not an overall fan, so I'm gonna try to focus on the music here.

I have to admit, with the pre-released tracks, I was a bit confused. "Shake it Off" sounded like a Taylor Swift song, just pumped up in the pop music division. Then when I heard  "Out of the Woods" I did really enjoy it, even though I kept feeling like it sounded like a Ellie Goulding rip-off (there's a part after the bridge where she sings nonsensical notes in the exact way Goulding does on almost all of her songs), and then when I heard "Welcome to New York" I was annoyed. Mostly because she says the title phrase just short of 30 times in a 3 minute song.. which is pretty exhausting to listen to.
All in all my hopes for this album were pretty low.

Now that the official album is released I can say that I do really love a lot of the music. It sounds completely different than anything else Taylor has ever done, which is kind of refreshing, but a little bit weird.

The songwriting has definitely expanded meaning her lyrics aren't as literal, but it's missing a realness (AKA I think she's trying too hard). Kudos to making the song "Style" (clearly about Harry Styles) not as hardcore obvious as "Dear John"

That being said there are quite a few songs that I do really love! I think the ones that really jumped out at me was "All You Had to Do Was Stay" & "Blank Space." Both of these have the familiar of an old school Taylor Swift song, which is why the draw might be so strong.

Things I don't like about the album:
- "Shake it Off" doesn't fit in with any of the other songs
- There's a missing 7 minute ballad a la "Dear John" and "All Too Well," which is highly disappointing.

All in all Taylor, I think this album is good. It's different and fresh, but I think RED might have been your peak.

What do you guys think of the new Taylor Swift album?

xx Mollie

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