The Body Shop vs. Trader Joe's?!??

October 10, 2014
The two hands down most popular items at the Body Shop are the body scrub and body butters, and for a good reason! The body butters are so creamy and suuuuper hydrating, and the body scrubs smell divine while chipping away at any dry, flaky skin. Despite their greatness, something really brings down the joy in these products, and it's the price.

For one tub of body butter, it's $20, and one tub of scrub is also priced at $20. Personally, I don't mess around when it comes to both of these products, especially body butter which I use on the daily, so I can go through a tub of that stuff in about a month. $20 is a lot to pay, but it also doesn't seem too bad when even the body scrubs at Target are still priced around $12, right?

Look no further than Trader Joe's.
I'm sure some of you are thinking... does Trader Joe's even sell beauty products? And the answer: YES. It's probably the most skipped aisle in a store where people usually have food on their mind, but it's there, and it's awesome.

Trader Joe's is home to this amazing Lavender Salt Scrub. This stuff is incredible, especially if you shower at night time like I do. The salt is super fine, which is great for keeping dead skin at bay, and it also is loaded with lavender oils which will help keep the skin from dehydrating and to keep you relaxing. Best part? Price tag: $6. This still will last you months too, so it's a great deal!!

Another star of the Trader Joe's beauty aisle is of course, the Body Butter. Usually during a large portion of the year, TJ's stocks the Coconut Body Butter on their shelves.
This. Stuff. Smells. So. Good.
It definitely has that coconut scent, but it has also a warm deep sugary vanilla tone to it. Think Coconut in the middle of winter, so not so summary and "tanning oil"-like. Can't lie, I smelled it before I took the pictures for this post and I went crazy all over again

Now if you know Trader Joe's, you know they go crazy for holidays, so it's no surprise that when October rolls around they release a PUMPKIN body butter. Yes. I'm for real.
It's just as good as the coconut one, but obviously with a pumpkin undertone. If you love pumpkin, you're gonna love this. It just makes me feel festive and happy, and it's probably the best thing ever. These are more than comparable to the Body Shop Body Butters. Yes, there is more limitation scent-wise, but the moisture benefits are similar if not even better.
Another great thing about these body butters? $5. Yep.

So I will most likely never step foot in a Body Shop again after purchasing these items, and I am more than okay with that!

You win again Trader Joe's, you always do.

Are there any body product dupes from unusual places that you love?

xx Mollie