Thanksgiving Pretties

November 25, 2014
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Not only is this the national day to give thanks, but it's also the national day to eat a lot of food and lay around the house! This is obviously the perfect day to go makeup-less, but if you have any plans to venture out of the house, or if your family takes a lot a pictures, you might want to put a teensy bit of effort in.

The easiest way to do this, is just by adding a little bit of color. For lips, which is the ultimate overall face brightener, I would go for a red or berry lipstick. I've mentioned before my love for MAC's Syrup lipstick, just because I feel like berry colors really suit my skin tone, but any kind of berry or red, whichever you like will make you look very dressy with minimal effort. I recommend Revlon Balm Sticks or Milani lipsticks for some amazing colors at great value.

Another easy way to pep up your look is to use a very pigmented eye shadow. Personally, I love the bareMinerals loose pigment eye shadows, but MAC also carries great pigments. These are great because you can just swipe it over your lid, and they are really shimmery and look amazing. Since they have such an iridescence to them, it looks as if you've been working on your shadow for a while, but no blending or effort required! I think golds and shimmery browns are perfect for this holiday, so my two favorite picks are True Gold & Hottie. L'Oreal also does amazing pressed pigments that can be found at any drugstore in a wide range of colors.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing, and delicious Thanksgiving, and counts all their blessings!!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

xx Mollie

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