That Classic Holiday Look

November 30, 2014

Holiday Party season is here!!! & although you may be wondering what outfit or hairstyle to rock to your upcoming events, have no fear on the makeup because the best way to go is with that classic holiday look. You know the one, black eyeliner and red lips. So simple and classic.. it also looks great on anyone!! Although there are many variations, I like to keep it as classic as possible. Here are my 3 MUST HAVES to create this look:

bareMinerals Eyeshadow in Nude Beach

A champagne or white shimmery eyelid is one of the key components to this look. Personally I love this one of bareMinerals because it's subtle, but really gorgeous. I wore this almost every day last year just because it's so simple. It looks like my skin, but shimmery. It just complements the eyeliner and lips amazingly, without being too over the top.

L'Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner
When going for this look, you want to look for the blackest black line for on top of your lashes.You can get creative and add a wing or cat-eye, but I like to just make it look as natural as possible. The best part about the black eyeliner is that you can use your favorite, since almost everyone has some kind of black eyeliner in their collection (& if you don't... run to the store, girl. Run.)
Got silly with my swatches!
bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Game Changer
The star of the look, the red lips! I love this lip gloss because it definitely adds the redness, but isn't as opaque or in-your-face as say, a matte lipstick would be. It also is minty which is great for the breath!
Another piece when looking for any great red lipcolor is the undertone. This lipgloss has a blue undertone in it, instead of an orange undertone. This is VERY important because blue undertoned lipsticks make your teeth look whiter, as opposed to lip products with orange undertones with make your teeth appear more yellow (these are usually reserved for summer when the skin is naturally tanned so the teeth already appear whiter). No matter what red lip color you are going for, make sure it enhances your smile, as oppose to bring it down.

This is such an easy way to look holiday ready for this festive time of year!!

What is your favorite twist on the classic holiday look?

xx Mollie

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