A Little Extra Love for Your Skin

December 18, 2014
Guess what? It's cold.
I have really dry skin, but it's not only us dry skin ladies who should be showing your skin some extra love during the cold months. Everyone should be doing at least something a little extra to keep your skin hydrated and plumped. Dehydrated skin, no matter what age, will make you look older and really accentuate any little creases on your face.
Since I have really dry skin, I get a little crazy, but here are the products I use, in order, to keep my face from getting weird.

L'Oreal Texture Perfector Youth Code Serum Concentrate
In all honestly I am not sure how effective this stuff is specifically for hydrating purposes, but wow does it make my skin so soft! This stuff is great because it is aimed at younger ladies (or men, hey) to help prevent aging, and smooth out texture, and to help your moisturizing products absorb more efficiently. It really improved redness in my skin and made me break out less which I noticed after a week or so. I love this and I use it first after cleansing in the morning or at night.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil
DYING. DEAD. This is how I feel about this product because I love it SO MUCH. It's just what it says: oil.. but do not fear the oil! If you have oily skin, people have said that using oil actually balances out and makes their skin less oily in the long run. If you have dry skin, it just adds magical hydration. If you use serum before, I recommend patting it into your face (unless you want your serum to turn into tiny balls all over your face... insert a dirty joke there). This stuff is great because it's one of the cheaper facial oils and it's just as effective as high-end oils (I like to grab mine at CVS, because I have yet to see it at Target). It also smells good and and has Vitamin E in it which is supposed to be the bomb for anti-aging. PS I only use this during the day if I'm using a non-liquid foundation. If I'm wearing powder, or having a non-makeup day, I put this on like it's going out of style. I smear this all over my face before bed too. Okay I'm done.

This is where you would use your favorite moisturizer at the time. I literally have no recommendations because I've been using the same moisturizer since I was 16 (CeraVe Moisturizing Cream) because it was given to me by a dermatologist and anytime I've strayed I've broken out.. so until I leave this earth imma use it forever (maybe, cant make any promises.. but you know). ANYWAY, wait about 3-5 minutes after smothering your face in oil to put on your moisturizer. Your face will feel like it's LITERALLY taking a drink and you will loooove it.

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream
I didn't start using eye cream until this year, but it is seriously necessary. Mostly as a preventative, I like to use this day and night. Right now it's not doing anything groundbreaking, but I think down the road I will be super glad I showed my eyes a little extra love...especially since I spent the majority of my time as a youngin' outside playing sports, at the pool, or sunbathing. This stuff is great because it lasts forever, you can get nearly anywhere, and it has great reviews online. I really like it and it's a step that take literally 2 seconds.

What is your favorite winter skincare staple?

xx Mollie

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