Fangirling for Facial Oil

January 7, 2015

I mentioned my love for facial oil in a couple of previous posts (here & here), and even sang to it in my 2014 Favorites video, but I feel like when I start describing it, my description turns into a fangirl love letter!!
Since I have mentioned it so much, I have received many questions from friends, readers and viewers. I thought I would give a more in detail low-down on my most favorite skincare product... EVER.
          Ever since I started using facial oil, my face has responded amazingly. I know what you're                         thinking: "You put OIL on your FACE?" Yes. I do. I like to slather oil all over my face especially at nighttime. If my face is feeling extra dry, then I will use a few drops of it under my                                                                moisturizer in the morning as well.
At night I use quite a bit more than I do during the day (day time I will use 3-4 drops, at night I sometimes use a whole dropper-full), but I always apply it after I cleanse my face, let it sit for a few minutes and then follow up with my moisturizer. I could see the difference almost instantly, my face just felt more plump and hydrated, and I break out much less.
If you have oily skin, don't think this isn't for you, because I have read MANY articles stating that                    putting oil on your face helps balance it out, making you become less oily during the day.

Not only is the oil moisturizing, but it also smells really great, and contains vitamin E which is                                           awesome for anti-aging and keeping the skins elasticity in place.

There are a couple of good ones on the market, but my favorite is hands down the Palmer's Facial OilL'Oreal does a really great one too, that is a little more luxurious, but it's basically double the                                                                     price for the same amount.
I really, REALLY, love this stuff and just couldn't recommend it enough. I even got my sister hooked            on it (hey, Madison). I promise if you try it, you will probably love it just as much!

                 Okay, now I will take a little break from babbling on about it every post,
                                         but I just want you all to know that this love, it's real. 

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