My Favorite Golden Globes Looks {2015}

January 13, 2015
Like your typical girl, I LOVE awards season.
I love all the aspects, the red carpet, the comedic presenters, the movies, etc.
The Golden Globes is always my favorite, & I think it's because this is the show were everyone drinks a LOT, and you can tell. I don't know why it brings me and everyone else joy, but it does.

Anyway, I know my favorites won't be everyone's favorites, but here they are!

Dakota Johnson in Chanel

Silver was a HUGE theme this year, and I think Dakota did it best.
First of all, Chanel.
& Second, it was just gorgeous. As someone who loves sequins and glitter, this dress caught my eye.
Kudos to the side slit too, because if not for that, it would've looked a little prom-y (or like a bridesmaid dress *cough cough* Taylor Swift).

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Carolina Herrera

Mostly because you're married to Channing, but also because you killed this look. Yes, it wasn't the most original thing I've every seen, but every aspect of her look just went together seamlessly and she killed it. Her hair, makeup, the shade of yellow.. JENNA, GIRL.
Seriously, this is the look I would most likely want to wear.

Felicity Jones in Dior

I know, this is controversial. At first glance, she kind of looks like a space cadet (I mean she is in a movie about Stephen Hawking, so like, "space & time"), but after a longer look, I actually think she looks SO CLASSY. I just think this look is pretty timeless. Not to mention, I thought her makeup was on point and complemented the dress in every single way. I don't know why, but I dig it.

Emma Stone in Lavin

 Emma was hands down the best dressed this year. Usually when someone wears pants to an awards show, I am not feeling it at all. But DAMN, this made me what to go buy some fitted trousers STAT. It's just perfection. The pants, the sequin top, the bow train. Emma always brings it at the Globes and gets better and better every year. I never thought that random girl from Superbad would become a fast style icon, but here we are. You go, Emma.

Honorable Mentions
J.LO for literally never aging, and Reese Witherspoon for looking straight expensive. 

Who were your favorites this year? xx Mollie

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