New Branding by One Three Nine!

February 10, 2015
Hey there! Have you noticed anything different on my blog & social media outlets lately? Anything extra CUTE & SPECIAL?

"Might it be the new branding?" you ask. If so, then the answer is YES!
My very lovely & talented friend Chandler, from One Three Nine has created my new logo, and I couldn't be happier with the design!

Chandler is a graphic designer based in Kansas City. She creates absolutely gorgeous pieces of art in the form of lettering & calligraphy, wedding & shower invitations, & any other special print items.

Her designs are cute, fun, and inspiring. She really takes into account her client's style and ideas, and adds her amazing flair to make each design very special and unique.


When creating my logos, Chandler kept me informed and took what I wanted into account every single step of the way, and I just love the end result! Even though we are friends, it was a very professional and pleasant experience.


Absolutely check out her website and her adorable instagram account, and don't forget to keep her in mind for any special print needs!

Thank you again, Chandler! :)

*This post is not sponsored. Chandler & I have been friends since college and I truly trust her talent & love her gorgeous designs!
In the spirit of throwback Thursday, enjoy this picture of us from 2010! :)

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