Soft Sugar Lips + A DIY Scrub Recipe

February 4, 2015
What're you lookin' at, sugar lips?

First of all, if you get that reference, I love you forever. Second of all I KNOW YOU GOT YOUR HEATER ON, GIRL.

When it's cold, we crank up the heat, and what is the first thing to suffer? Our beloved lips.

You need the for talking, eating, kissing.. they're pretty important! So it is important to show them some love. Here I have some of my favorite lip balms, a lip scrub, and a little DIY lip scrub recipe.

Lush Lip Scrub In Bubblegum
This scrub CHANGED my lip game. Although you can easily make a lip scrub at home [see recipe below] this are just fun and novel and they do a great job. A lip scrub is essential in these winter months to gently remove any flaky skin from your lips without doing some serious damage (we've all tried to pull it off.. ew).
 These scrubs are sugar based, with lots of essential oils to scrub as well as hydrate. Lush loves to cycle different flavors for different times of the year {shout-out to Santa's Lip Scrub, the Coca-Cola flavored one that comes out around Christmas} but if sweets aren't you there, they also carry a Popcorn flavored scrub, available year round that includes salt.. YUM!

Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss
This is the ULTIMATE overnight lip balm. I use this after scrubbing my lips because it's thick and amazing. I can put this on before bed and wake up the next morning and still feel it on my lips. It is best for bedtime because it does turn your lips white, due to the thickness of the formula. This balm comes in several different flavors, one to fit any scent taste!

EOS Lip Balm
You've probably seen these everywhere, mainly because they are adorable and hard to miss, but I also love these to have around my house. I actually think I have 5 of these; one for each room and one for my car, but hey are so handy! A little awkward to keep in your purse to carry around everyday but they are perfect for your quick and basic everyday lip moisturizing.

Chapstick... THE OG
Chapstick is the reason people accidentally call lip balm Chapstick (like I did here in this video) on the DAILY. I believe this is the ultimate handbag lip balm. It's small, it WORKS, and they come out in all different kinds: medicinal for if your lips are cracked, cooling, and fun flavors like this cake batter one. The OG is the OG for a reason... don't mess around with Chapstick.

Facial Oil
So if you're feeling crazy-spendy, you can go ahead and splurge on the new Clarins Instant Light Lip Oil which is supposed to be INSAAAAANE for dry lips. Or you can go ahead and apply your facial oil on top of your lips after scrubbing and before putting on your thick lip balm.

Honorable mentions go to Vaseline and Bag Balm for obvious reasons, and fresh sugar lip treatment which I don't own, but know is the bomb.

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

1 teaspoon of coconut oil
1 teaspoon of raw honey,

2 tablespoons of sugar
a dash of lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients, slather on your lips, rub them together to exfoliate & enjoy your smooth, kissable lips!!

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