When bad breakouts happen to good people...

February 24, 2015

You could be born with the skin of angel, but you will still most likely have breakouts once in a while. Trust me, I have had my fair share of terrible blemishes and massive spot blowups, but never fear! Here are a few of my favorite things to use when battling the breakouts.

Tea Tree Oil (Grease Lightening, Lush)
You can get pure tea tree oil at most health food supermarkets, or in as a main component in treatment products, they work the same in whatever form. I find this especially useful for those big red bumps that form on your face without a whitehead (bleh) or any hope that one will eventually appear.
This fights the "undergrounders" by naturally killing the bacteria. Tea tree oil feels nice and cooling and literally sucks the bacteria out of the spot, reducing redness and inflammation.
I find tea tree oil to be especially useful for the lovely little chin monsters that like to blow up during that special time of the month.

Persa-Gel (Clean & Clear)
I know at one point in time, this was the most powerful acne spot-treatment you could get at the store without a prescription. I'm not sure if that's still the case, but this cream contains a high percentage of benzoyl peroxide, which is one of the ingredients used to treat major acne. This is the tube I whip out when I get those big "rashy" breakouts. This is also amazingly great for whiteheads and especially blackheads.
What this does is really just dry the pimples out, fast. This is the "I'm broken out and have a big event in 3 days," go to. It has been around forever (I remember using this in my early high school years) so it must be doing something right!
Disclaimer: If you have dry skin like me, use this sparingly, because I have had a few instances with after using this (usually because I have used too much) where I am left with a lovely scab where the spot was.

Cotton Buds
Not to get disgusting here, but let's be real, sometimes you wake up with those pimples that are big and white and basically begging to be popped. I will throw out there, only do this is you are CERTAIN something will come out, otherwise you will be left with a scabby, gooey mess which is NOT CUTE.
Instead of using your fingers, you should use two cotton buds to pop a pimple. Popping with your fingers is 1) dirty and 2) can be harmful due to the high chance of your nails breaking the skin.
If you feel the need to pop, take two cotton buds on either side of your pimple and gently push. If the zit pops, congratulations! Clean up the excess with a clean cloth and treat it right away with your favorite treatment (after a pop, I would use something gentle like tea tree oil).
If your zit does NOT pop, then let it be, it's just not ready to go yet. You can continue treating the spot and covering it as needed.

Don't let the spots get you down! It seriously happens to everyone and is a normal part of life.

Any special tricks you have to treat a breakout?

xx Mollie


  1. Persa gel 10 is my all time favorite acne stop treatment! Can't live without that stuff!