Minimalism May Update #1

May 8, 2015
Here is my first update for Minimalism May! Let's do this:

Day 1: Stay offline for one day
This was hard since it was a weekday and I work on a computer/online literally all day. I took this as just staying offline sites or apps for personal enjoyment and I did okay.
It's hard not to stray to Bloglovin' during some downtime, or even check instagram. Even worse, I posted not one, but two instagram photos that day.
Luckily once I was home, I made a much more conscious effort.
This. Was. Hard.

Day 2: Meditate for 15 Minutes
I tried it. I fell asleep. It turned into a 45 minute nap.
Fail or win? I'm going to say "Win."

Day 3: De-Clutter Your Digital Life
I feel like this day could have been interpreted multiple ways, but the way I perceived it was to delete apps I don't use, clean up my mailbox, delete old photos on my phone, etc.
This was pretty nice and eastt and definitely gave me more storage on my iPhone.

Day 4: No Complaint Day
I feel like I could have succeeded if I didn't wake up to the sound of water dripping through my ceiling,
and onto my couch,
from the neighbor up above.
Like what're you doing up there..? Did you join the Wet Bandits?
So basically a terrible start to No Complaint Day, but besides that, I really did try, and I think I did fairly well, you know, considering.

Day 5: Identify Your 3-6 Main Priorities
   So I did this, but I feel like for special reasons I can't fully share them on the internet world just yet.
                                                            I'll keep you updated though.

                                                     Day 6: Follow a Morning Ritual
                                            Done & Done. You can read all about mine here.

                                                  Day 7: Streamline Your Reading List
I've been trying to read a lot more this year, and so on this day I prioritized. It kind of went "I'm going to read this, then this, then this..." and I made a pile in order of which I want to read the books.                              If I actually read this is to be continued... but I really do want to!

                         If you're participating, how was your first week of Minimalism May?

                                                                         xx Mollie


  1. This is such a good idea! I will definitely have to try this next month!

  2. This looks like fun and so chalenging. I might give it a try. Great post.