Healthy Beauty: Part 1

June 15, 2015
Lately I've been trying to be very aware of what kind of beauty products I am using.
After reading some alarming articles about the dangers of parabens, talc, phthalates, and other ingredients used in makeup and skincare, I've been moving more towards the natural end of things.

It should be noted, I'm a bit of a hippie. I'm not a full-blown Dead Head, composting, tree-hugging individual, but I really believe in natural and alternative options to food, products, and chemicals.

What are the dangers of of these ingredients? 
All of these ingredients can cause many different forms of cancers, as well as hormonal issues, blockage, and mutation, Many of these ingredients are absorbed via the skin and cause these problems over time.

Why are these ingredients even used?
Most of these ingredients are used for preservation, so they can be stored on the shelf or in your medicine cabinet for a long time without going bad. Talc is an ingredient that is used to make powder appear more smooth (this is what can take away the "cakiness" of face powders), phthalates are used as a binder in products such as nailpolish and hairspray to keep the product together, and the list goes on.

Are these ingredients even legal?
Sadly, yes, at least in the US. There are many countries who have banned the use of these ingredients because of the potential side effects and risks. Hopefully the US will follow suite soon, but in my Part 2of Healthy Beauty, I will be going over my favorite products that are more on the natural side available in the US.

What is the list of major ingredients I should avoid?

These should all be under the ingredients in products if they are indeed used.

Look out for my Healthy Beauty: Part 2, later this week!

What products were you disappointed to find these ingredients in? :(

xoxo Mollie


  1. Thank you so much! Great read, super helpful and informative. It's crazy how much junk they put into the stuff we run into our skin every day! There's an app I found recently called Think Dirty that rates beauty products based on the safety and purity of their's super helpful when looking for natural alternatives or just understanding what's in your every day beauty routine!

  2. I LOVE this app, Aud! I've already started scanning my brains out. Thanks for the recommendation, love!

  3. More people definitely need to know about this! Last year, my Aunt battled with (and beat) breast cancer and since, myself and my mum have swapped out all of our old products for new parabens-free ones, especially deodorant! It takes a little longer to find a parabens free antiperspirant in stores and may cost a little extra but it's so worth that! Great post!
    bec X

  4. This is such helpful info! Thank you for sharing! <3

  5. It's so scary to think about what gets put into products we may use. I read the back of everything now!