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September 7, 2015
In the ever-growing area of City/River Market, stands a couple of dining gems. Between the farm-to-table restaurants and a bakery or two stands unmissable Quay Coffee

The number one thing I love about Quay Coffee is the atmosphere. The staff is unbelievably friendly, the lighting is natural and home-y, the music is cool and uplifting, and the coffee is magnificent. The menu is unbelievably simple, but because it can be, the coffee is that good. The latte I ordered was robust but also really rich and creamy and was truly unlike any other latte I've ever had!

Quay Coffee brews their beans from Oddly Correct Roasters, which also lends to the amazing flavor. Quay is proud of their products and their city, and it shows. You will also notice when inside that the shop supports several local and global charity organizations which makes them that much more lovable.
Quay Coffee has become one of my favorites because it feels as home-y, comfortable, and inviting as a best friends house... a best friend that knows how to make one kick-ass cup of coffee. 

Find out more about Quay Coffee on their Website.

xoxo Mollie

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