Tough As Nails

February 17, 2016
For as long as I can remember, I have had really weak nails, mostly in the sense that the ends split so easily. In the past, I've tried multiple nail strengtheners, but the tips of my nails would still peel right off if pushed too hard.

Shout out to my #1 enabler, Lily Pebbles, for getting me hooked on the Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Miracle Cure for Severe Nail Problems. This can be used every other day as a treatment, or as a base coat under regular polish. I've been using it more the latter reason, and have been seeing incredible results.

My nails have been a lot stronger, which has in turn, helped my polish last much longer. I hardly every have the flaking/splitting problem that I did in the past, and I am so pleased with how well this stuff works.
On the other side of the coin, I have a massive love (as you can see in the picture) for the Essie Gel Setter Top Coat. This top coat isn't actually part of a gel system as the name would suggest, but it gives your self-manicure, the appearance of a gel finish. This equals super shiny and professional looking nails.

Every time I have used this top coat, I have gotten compliments on how great my nails look, as well as people inquiring if they are gel nails from a salon! This is by far the best top coat I have ever tried, and in conjunction with the nail treatment as a base coat, I have never been happier with my nails, and it's even better that these both come at drugstore prices.

What are your favorite nail base & top coats?

xoxo Mollie


  1. My nails were getting weaker and weaker that I just gave up to put nail polish, and this was a great thing for me to see! Thanks for sharing about your nail treatment <3

    Kaylee | JK's Dawn

    1. I'm happy you found this post! I hope it helps you out if you try it!

  2. I have heard a lot of great things about that top coat! May give it a try :) -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  3. I use the same top coat! I love all Essie products!! x

  4. I need this top coat! You have convinced me to give it a try!

    xo, Emilee

  5. Thanks for this post! I've always had weak nails that split so I definitely should give these a try! ♡

    Evelyn | BeautyCloud9