A Little Lush Loot

October 19, 2016

In the last few years, I really got into taking baths in the late Autumn and Winter. It's such a nice and easy way to relax and pamper yourself in the cold winter months, and I especially love to treat myself around the holidays with some Lush goodies.

I went ahead and picked up a few items from Lush (definitely held myself back from going as crazy as I have in the past) and I thought I would share them with you! 

I love Lush's Bubble Bars because they had a little color to your bathwater, a bit of a scent, and a lot of bubbles! They are also really easy to use and reuse since you can break off little pieces of the bar to create multiple bubbly baths. I love sparkly pumpkin because it adds some pretty glitter to the bath, and also smells woodsy, but also citrus-y... the perfect scent for a Fall bath!

This bath bomb is a new pick for me this year, but I feel like I am going to love it. The colors are beautiful, which is sure to create a colorful autumn-leaf inspired bath, but it also smells really fresh and relaxing, almost like a a crisp fall day.

Lushies will know this cult-classic that returns every year for Christmas. For those who do not know, Snow Fairy smells like cotton candy and vanilla. It's very sweet, so stay away if you do not like sweet scents, but I absolutely love this pink, sweet, and glittery shower gel. It also lasts on my skin, hair, and lingers in my bathroom long after using it.

Here comes a bold claim: Golden Wonder Bath Bomb is my favorite Lush product of all time! It's true.This gold bath bomb has the most divine winter-y fresh scent (which reminds me of a glimpse of champagne?) and leaves your bath blue with tons of gorgeous swirly colors and sparkly stars. It is an aboslute delight and I just love it so much! So much that I got two his time. Oops :) 

What are you favorite seasonal Lush products?



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