Life Update: Where Have I Been?

October 17, 2016

Guys, I know. The last few months, I have been completely MIA when it comes to writing blog posts. I have still been active on all social media and have still made weekly videos on YouTube that I have been posting on the site, but when it comes to actually writing, here is where the heck I have been:

Things have been busy. In the last (more than) few months, I entered into an amazing relationship (yay!) and also hunkered down and started looking for, and found, a new job. The finding and starting of a new job is really what took up the majority of my time. I had to learn new skills, balance time management, and overall get into the groove of my new routine. Now that I have, I am happy to say I am back to writing posts, as well as creating videos! It may not be perfect, it may not be on time or on schedule always, but I will try my hardest because I really love this little blog world I have created and have missed being able to give MB the love and attention it deserves.

I can sincerely say I am the happiest I have ever been thanks to my amazing family, friends, boyfriend and career. I hope you all missed me as much as I missed you! 

Cue the violins for the sappy vibes. I will see you all very soon.



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