Bra-Blems with Third Love

November 15, 2016

Bras: Totally uncomfortable, but completely necessary. If for nothing else, to provide support to prevent future sagging, It's no secret that the majority of women hate good ol' brassieres. Luckily, I have been blessed on the smaller side of things, so I know I don't have it too terrible, but I still struggle in some areas.

My personal biggest issue are straps that fall down (probably due to lack of usage of the actual cups... gulps). I had no idea until reading the below infographic from Third Love, that different bra styles can help with this issue!

 Third Love is an awesome Bra, Panties, and Sleep company that offer affordable options that are so comfortable, you forget you are even wearing anything! My favorite feature from Third Love is their Try Before You Buy option, where you can legit wear one of their bras before deciding if you like it and want to keep it or not. Third Love also offers free shipping anywhere in the U.S... Genius!

If you too suffer from #BraBlems and want help finding a perfect bra that combats these issues, check out the fun inforgraphic below for style suggestions. I also have a special Promo Code for my readers that you can use at checkout!

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What are your biggest #BraBlems?

 XXOO Mollie


  1. Love it! xx, erin -

  2. i always feel like treating myself when i get new bras. its just such a nice thing.

  3. My biggest #Brablems are that I just don't have the right size. I've never been sized which is my fault. I guess I just gotta think of going bra shopping as an investment. Great post! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  4. I didn't know about ThirdLove, I'm going to check their website out!
    My #Brablems is to find my size, because usually it's not that much available in Switzerland. I also have cup gaping sometimes and I'm going to try what they're saying on the infographic. ;)

    Laura |