Festive Reds

November 29, 2016

I know several people who can rock a red lip year round, and I am not one of those people. I usually save the red lips for the festive months, meaning December - February, and that time of year has come! Although there are a bunch of incredible red lipsticks out there, I have narrowed it down to my favorites that I sincerely wear all of the time, and they are all different formulas.. yay!

This super red gloss is ultra-hydrating (it sincerely feels like your lips gulped water) and is also a stain. So as you eat, drink, and chat the night away, a gorgeous red stain is left behind to linger into the early hours of the next morning. Also a great pick if you are new to reds and want something not too intimidating.

If you're looking for a classic red color with excellent pigment and a classic creamy finish, this is the red for you! It's bright, but on the deeper side, which makes it more flattering for most skin tones and for whiter looking teeth. Plus the finish is not drying at all. I love this one for most occasions.

This color is more of a dusty pinky-red,so it adds a pop of color without being too in your face. The matte lip balm is also an amazing pick for those who want a matte lip without any dryness. Revlon's addition of the minty scent/flavor makes it a perfect party pick too! Especially after indulging in too many appetizers.

I got this mini version of the full size as my Sephora Birthday freebie last year, and it is everything I love in a red lip color! It's matte, but its extremely comfortable to wear. It's also on the brighter side, but still a deep color which is very flattering in photos, especially if you want your teeth to sparkle. I'm not sure if I will spring for the full-size once I run out of this mini, but I will surely use this one all up!

What are you favorite festive red lip colors?

xoxo Mollie


  1. I love that NARS red, what a great shade!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. I LOVE the Revlon lip stain! I have a slightly darker red one that I go back to again and again.
    Katie Actually