My Favorite iPhone Apps (Right Now)

November 17, 2016

I honestly have no idea why I have just recently downloaded Bloglovin', especially since I have been using the computer site for years. I just love the layout of the app version. All of my favorite blogs in one clean and crisp place. It also makes for a discreet way to catch up on my favorite blogs during some work downtime ☺.

I recently read a Byrdie article about Kourtney Kardashian and how she believes upping her water intake has helped with her weight loss and seemingly ageless skin. They mentioned Waterlogged by name in the article, and it's such an easy way to track the amount of water you drink daily. I thought I was drinking enough per day, but it turns out, I was a few cups short! Now I've noticed a huge difference in my under-eye circles lightening, and my bloating subsiding. Yay!

I once went to a blogging convention, and a speaker mentioned this app as her favorite for filtering photos, and once I downloaded it, it quickly became mine. You can layer filters on top of your photos and can even save your favorite recipes for future use. Perfect if your someone who wants an Instagram theme. This is the only app that isn't free, but it is well work the $2 since I use it every time I post.

This isn't a new app by any means, but lately, I have been all over this thing! I genuinely prefer scrolling through Pinterest in iPhone app form, because I think it's just so quick and easy to use, and I love the layout on a smaller screen. Lately, I've been checking it out for Holiday recipe ideas and fashion inspiration!

Would you guys like to a see a What's on My iPhone video? If you do, let me know in the comments!

xoxo Mollie


  1. Great suggestions! Waterlogged sounds right up my alley, it's so hard to remember to drink your daily amount of water!


    1. It's been so satisfying to add glasses and see that bottle fill up for the day!

      xoxo Mollie

  2. Waterlogged sounds interesting. Sounds like an easy way to keep track of how much water one drinks. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. Great post! I love Pinterest!!

    Bella x

  4. Great app! I could spend hours and hours on Pinterest!