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August 29, 2017

In my post last week, I spoke about how I love taking supplements and how they really help me feel good about my health concerns and issues. I had a feeling it would create some inquiries on what I take and why (I was right) so I broke down what I take daily below and why it works for me. Obviously I am not a doctor, but these are what give me great results. Definitely talk to your doctor before taking any supplements and to get dosage recommendations.

I suffer from ocular migraines and they are the worst. Ocular migraines are in the migraine/very slight seizure family, and basically when I have an episode it makes me feel nauseous, exhausted, I have trouble seeing due to intense aura and clouded vision. Sometimes it's followed by a tiny headache, but bottom line, it's the worst. After trying everything, I read online that magnesium can be preventative and let me tell you, it has really worked for me! For this reason I swear by magnesium. It also makes you feel generally more relaxed which is a nice item.

I know, trendy. I started taking tumeric because inflammation is basically supposed to be the worst thing to affect your body (allegedly). I've heard it's great for your skin and digestive tract and also any joint issues. I wasn't having any major issues before, but I do feel like this has helped clear up my skin a bit, take down some redness, and help with some digestive discomfort.

Fish Oil
Omega-3s, baby! Not only is fish oil amazing for your hair and skin, but it also is amazing for your heart and other organs. I recently just learned it's also great for your eyesight, interesting! Also, apparently fish oil is great to keep your hormone levels balanced, which could help treat or prevent depression.

This is another one that is great for the heart. My family has a history of hereditary high cholesterol and blood pressure, and garlic is really supposed to help lower that risk especially if it's taken in conjunction with fish oil. Not going to lie, it does leave a bit of a garlicky taste in your mouth, but it's very subtle. Also, if you love garlic, it's kind of nice? Don't judge me.

Vitamin D2
A few weeks ago I was feeling super low on energy and a doctor told me I had super low vitamin d levels in my blood. This was surprising to me because I feel like I spend a fair amount of time outside! She suggested taking a vitamin d supplement and it really, really has helped a ton with my energy levels. I feel so much better, especially around 2:30/3 in the afternoon, when I would previously be feeling so awful and exhausted.

Honestly, I take this for all of the antioxidents it contains. Antioxidents are great for eliminating free radicals, anit-aging, and supposedly can be great for preventing disease. Astaxanthin is apparently the chemical that creates the pink hue in sea creatures shells, so that's pretty cool too!

Probiotic Blend
This is all about that colon. A healthy gut = healthy immune system, regularity (ew, but necessary) and overall happiness. It is also good for your lady bits, if you've got some of those, to keep that bacteria healthy. Love a good probiotic blend!

I know this was a crazy-long post, but if you love health and wellness like I do, I hope you found it interesting! You can basically find supplements at any grocery or drugstore, but I also l
ove Care/Of because they send me my monthly supply of vitamins split up into daily packs, which makes it so easy to remember to take everything at once. If you're interested in trying Care/Of, I have a code for a free month (Z4DUE) that you can enter at checkout. That code is only good for a handful of people, but you can use another code (lovin) to get 50% off your first month.

What vitamins and supplements do you love?

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