What I am Loving for Fall

September 19, 2017

I know that Fall is just beginning, but mentally, I'm already there. I've had a pumpkin spice latte, I'm wearing dark colors and have to stop myself from grabbing a jacket or putting on a sweater every morning. I'm done fighting this feeling! I'm feeling the Fall vibes, and truly no one can stop me. I love the food, fashion, and beauty of this season so much. Here are all of my favorites so far for Fall this year!

Textured Sleeves
This trend has been exploding lately and is just not going anywhere any time soon. I lived in my Zara sweatshirt with flared sleeves all of last Fall, but I also love ruffles, sequins, and gatherings. What a fun trend! I still find that Zara is the best place to shop for these items.

 Wine Nails & Lips
Is this my pick every year? Maybe. I've gone a little deeper red on the nails already this year (currently loving Society Ruler from Sally Hansen), and also going a bit deeper on the lips with this drugstore gloss balm in Just Plum Good, this matte-but-not-drying liquid lipstick in BO$$, and this beautiful, more neutral, hydrating lip color in Notorious.

I've always been a fan of a simple cami, nothing looks better to throw on with shorts, jeans, a shirt, high-waisted pants, etc. It's classic and cute, but when you add some lace on it? I'm obsessed! I've been living in a black silk one (similar here), but I also love anything with lace sleeves. Bonus if you can find something with velvet + lace!

Warm Scents
My everyday year-round scent is YSL's Black Opium, but for a quick fix, I also love this fragrance from Bath and Body Works for after the gym or pool. I have also been using this fragrance melt in my home non-stop to make it smell cozy and warm.


  1. I'm so ready for all things autumn <3 I cannot wait to step outside and feel the cold, crisp mornings. I definitely bring out all the dark red beauty products at this time of year as well! xxx

    1. Yes, I cannot wait for cold crisp mornings filled with warm coffees and scarves! Thanks for stopping by, Samantha!
      xx Mollie

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