Cooking for Max! - Spaghetti Squash "Pasta"

October 5, 2017

This may be the silliest, goofiest thing I have ever done on my blog, but welcome to my new segment "Cooking For Max!"

If you're confused, which I'm sure everyone is, let me break down what these posts are going to entail:

My boyfriend, Max, and I both love Ina Garten's style of cooking. Probably because both of our Moms made us Ina recipes growing up. When we saw that Ina came out with a new book called Cooking For Jeffrey, we both had a "wouldn't it be funny..." moment with the idea that I would cook through the Cooking For Jeffrey book, a la Julie & Julia, and write reviews on the meals, with Max's input included.

Well, the next thing you know, I was on Amazon ordering the book... So I guess we are doing it!

We are kicking off the first edition of Cooking for Max with Ina's Spaghetti Squash, which was perfect for the first Fall-Feeling day of the year. It was honestly pretty easy to make, and I only added one extra ingredient (bacon) to fulfill our protein fix of the evening.

Max's thoughts on the meal:
"I loved it! The preparation was wonderful and the flavors were great. I would still prefer pasta, but it is a very nice change from the norm."

Max's Overall Rating: 7

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