Becca Apres Ski Glow

November 14, 2017

From left to right: Rose Quartz Highlighter, Icicle Highlighter, Wild Berry Blush, Bronzed Copper Blush, Opal Highlighter, Bronzed Bondi Bronzer

Wearing Wild Berry Blush, Bronzed Bondi Bronzer, and Icicle Highlighter
The Sephora VIB sale. It gets me every time.
This year I thought, "There is nothing I want or need." Well one second into surfing I indeed found something I wanted, not necessarily needed, but I thought maybe I did.

Enter the Becca Apres Ski Glow palette. If you love makeup, you know Becca Cosmetics is known for their amazing highlighters. They are so creamy and pigmented, but don't look over-the-top in the least. This limited edition palette is not only gorgeous on the outside (I am living for the icicle, snowy package) but it's contents are pretty incredible.

This palette contains three highlighters, two blushes, and a bronzer. I was excited because all three of the highlighters were ones I had never tried (one is brand new shade and another is one that was limited edition in the past that they brought back for this collection), and I had also never tried Becca's blushes or bronzers before.

Let's jump into the powders below:

Rose Quartz (Highlighter)

This highlighter is pinky with warm undertones. It blends so seamlessly on the skin, and is light enough that it won't leave a stripe on your face. This highlight was brought back from a previous limited edition collection.

Icicle (Highlighter)

Brand new and exclusive to this palette, this highlighter is really fun and pretty. It is cool toned, and even a bit silvery-blue in its coloring. This will be perfect for when I get really pale in the next few month.

Winter Berry (Blush)
This blush is also new and exclusive to this palette, and is so, so pretty. It reminds me a lot of my favorite blush, Nars Orgasm, without the gold shimmer. It really does look like that "I just came in from the cold and now my cheeks are flushed," coloring, and it is very flattering.

Blushed Copper (Luminous Blush)
This blush is so different and really pretty. It is a deep copper color with gold specks in, and creates a really fun, glowy flush. This would also be a beautiful highlight on someone with deeper skin tones, but I have also used it as an eyeshadow and really loved the coloring.

Opal (Highlighter)
This is one of Becca's classic highlighters. I love the coloring, it is a pretty gold highlighter with more neutral tones that looks good seriously on everyone. This can look a bit dark on me if my skin is on the paler side, but with a bit of a tan, it's perfect. I also love using this as a light sheen on my eyelids.

Bronzed Bondi (Bronzer)
This is a perfect, warm bronzer for all year round. It's not too warm that you can't contour with it, but it's not so cool that it makes you look sallow. This bronzer adds the perfect amount of warmth to make you look healthy and glowing.

So what are my overall thoughts on this palette? I think it's perfectly versatile for all year round and every color is just so stinking pretty, I know I will be using it until it's gone. This palette retails for $54, but with the Sephora VIB sale you can get 15-20% off until tomorrow (November 15th, 2017)! Also, I've heard several times that this palette is the best bang for your buck and by far the best value out of any limited edition set out there this year, so that is pretty amazing as well. Get it as a gift for the beauty lover out there, or go ahead and get it for yourself. 

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