Fairy Dust

November 28, 2017

I love Lush Cosmetics. They make amazing products that are free from animal testing and very natural that actually work. They also embrace the extra-ness inside of me that is glitter, and sparkle, and products that smell like cotton candy.

I usually go a little cray for bath bombs in the Fall and Winter, but this time around I've learned I'm much more interested in those products after the Holidays (specifically on boxing day, when everything is on sale and it's way colder than it is in October anyway).

This year, I held back, like REALLY held back for me and only grabbed two products. They are sickly and sweet and incredible. The first product is the seasonal classic, Snow Fairy. It smells like cotton candy, it has glitter inside the bottle, it's pink, and it makes me feel festive AF. My bathroom smells like it after and I feel like it lingers on my skin, without it being offensive to other people around me. I love it and I hope it comes back for Christmas every year until the end of time.

The other product I grabbed is Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub. PSA - If you love lip scrub, buy one from Lush because they are the best! Their lip scrubs are made of sugar (so you can literally eat the sugar off after scrubbing) and have natural nourishing oils included so your lips are really soft after scrubbing. This seasonal choice smells like, you guessed it, sugar plum, and it leaves a beautiful, light, tinted-purple color behind on the lips. Let's just say my lips have never been softer in my life because I'm addicted to this lip scrub!

So there you go, that is my tiny little Lush haul. I hope that if you love smelling like a Sugary Christmas Goddess that you find yourself on their website or in their stores this holiday season... Christmastime is the best time to hit them up, no doubt!

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