My Favorite Sweaters Right Now

December 19, 2017

The Cozy Bright 

I have been loving this sweater from H&M! It's so soft and a bit over-sized, but the way it hangs with the V-Neck is very flattering. I love the blue, but they make it in a ton of different colors also.

The Softest Cardigan
This cardigan, also from H&M, is ridiculously soft and surprisingly warm! It pairs well with a lace camisole and looks really nice without putting a ton of effort in.

The Most Popular
This cardigan from Leith was a hot item during the Nordstrom sale a couple of months ago! They have since come out with it in several colors, but it's classic, flattering, and has pockets, which is always a plus.

The Classic
You can never go wrong with a classic crew-neck sweater. This one from Gap fits really well and can be worn anywhere from work to a date nights. It's so simple and versatile, you will have it forever


The Festive Sweater
I'm a magpie, so when I see glitter or sequins, I'm all over it. This sweater from H&M (they really have the best sweaters, always) is very soft, a bit over-sized, and has these darling star appliques on them. Perfect for Christmas morning or to add some sparkle to your everyday.

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