How I Deal with Being Sick

February 2, 2018

Unfortunately en route back home from New York city this past Sunday, I started feeling really under the weather. I had a super scratchy throat that turned into a terrible cold. I am not a good sick person, because I hate not being able to accomplish the things I want to get done, but it is so important to slow down and take care of yourself when you are feeling not-so-hot. Here are my favorite things to incorporate into my daily routine when I am not feeling very well:

Hot Water with Lemon
I love starting most of my days with this anyway, but when I am sick it is even better. It feels so good against a scratchy throat, and it helps boost your immune system for the day ahead. Feel free to keep drinking this all day long, because it's also a great way to push extra fluids and flush out that sickness!

Lip Balm
During those times of need where I'm breathing through my mouth more than I would ever want to, I need something to help with my lips. I love my Glossier Balm dot Com in Coconut. It's rich, thick, and makes my lips feel hydrated and back to normal again.

A Hydrating Mask
Especially for around the nose if I have been blowing it a lot, a hydrating mask is a must! I enjoy using the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Hydrating Overnight Mask because it really hydrates the skin and helps it from looking dull, which always happen to me when I'm not feeling 100%. I've also heard amazing things about this Overnight Watermelon Mask.

Blush and Shimmer
I feel like I look so much less alive when I am sick, so if I HAVE to go out of the house, I make sure not to skimp on the blush and to add some brightening eye shadow to my eyes (here are my go-to blush and eye shadow for sick days). It just adds that little something that makes you look more healthy and awake than you actually feel.

Whether it's tap, filtered, flavored, whatever! Drink up. This makes such a difference and will help you feel better faster. Also, adding water into the air via a humidifier can really help you breath throughout the day and night. Trust.

Nicer Tissues
I can't lie and say I haven't used good old toilet paper when in a pinch, but I always feel so much better when using quality tissues when I have a cold. My favorites are the Kleenex Cool Touch ones because they don't strip or irritate the skin around my nose. I put these all over my house and even bring a box to work! I know this is high-maintenance, but for me it is a necessity!

What are your sick-day essentials? If you're sick I hope you start feeling better soon!


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