My 3-Day Juice Cleanse Experience

April 30, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try something that I have never tried before, a 3-day juice cleanse! It sounds insane, but I have just always wanted to do one, and I knew I could never be able to do it if Max was in town (he eating regular food while I am cleansing would just be too much of a temptation for me!). He ended up having a 3 day long work trip and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to try a cleanse.

What did the cleanse include? 
I did some research and was most drawn to the T.Loft cleanse a) because they are close to my house which made daily pick-up super easy and b) they include a small salad and protein ball in their cleanse program and I knew that would help so much with the experience.
The cleanse included 5 juices- 2 orange and 3 green, as well as the peanut butter protein ball and small salad. It also included instructions of exactly when to drink which juice, which honestly was so helpful. This also made my day totally fly by at work because every two hours, it was time for another juice!

Day 1

The first day was honestly so easy. I think I was on an "I'm trying something new and exciting" high and really enjoyed the process. I truly wasn't really hungry at all until night time. The last juice is supposed to be drank around 6PM so around 9, I truly felt so, so hungry. I made the mistake of eating the protein ball too early in the day, so I decided to save it until later as a dessert/something to help me stay full.
Something else I did, was call T. Loft and request no more cucumbers in my cleanse. I HATE cucumbers. They are truly my least favorite food of time and they were included in two juices and the salad. Honestly, I was fine with it in the juices, but once I cracked open that salad and saw a bed of cucumber slices, I just couldn't take it any more. The requested for no cucumbers had been made and all-in-all, besides being starving before bed time, I felt pretty great with day 1.

Day 2

So this is the day that everyone says you feel like you're on a high and I couldn't agree more! I felt amazing. I even did a light workout that evening and I felt awesome. Also, without the cucumbers, I was just generally happier. I also saved the protein ball to eat around 8 pm and it was life changing. Day 2 was seriously the best day of the cleanse.

Day 3
I think day three would have been worse if it wasn't the last day, but since it was, I was feeling alright. I will say, my skin on day 3 was POPPIN'! Like my skin had never looked so great in years, so that was really cool. By the end of this day, I was so over it though. I was hungry and just wanted a hot meal. I persevered since it was my last day, but I not only was just generally over it, I started getting horrible stomach pains around 3 PM. The salad helped a little but I was not into feeling those awful cramps. That was killer.

The Aftermath

Would I do the cleanse again? Maybe. I will say, it was really enjoyable, but it was also enjoyable to eat a hot, meal with some meat in it the next day. I did lose some weight (I have kept about half of it off because I'm sure it was mostly water-weight) but overall, I do think it reset me to thinking way more about what I put in my body regularly. My skin freaked out about 2 days after the cleanse was over and I started eating normal food, so I have been trying to figure out what in my diet causes these breakouts. I'm thinking the culprut is dairy.
* Update, it's been about a month, and my skin is totally back to normal.. diary and all.

If you're looking to do a cleanse, I think T.Loft is the way to go! I would not have been able to survive without that salad and protein ball every day, and they were very encouraging throughout the process.

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