My Latest Skincare Favorites

July 12, 2018

With my wedding coming up, and also being a year-round beauty and skincare lover all of the time, I have been really focusing on my skin lately. I feel like I have finally found a routine with products that I genuinely love and see results from, and it has been a long time since I have felt that way! I didn't want to give you the entire skincare rundown today (we would be here all day), but speak about newer add-ins I have been using and loving. For reference, my skin is crazy. I have dry-to-combo skin that is pretty sensitive, but these products have brought some balance to my face.

Holy cannoli, this stuff is a game changer! I started using it after my sister's dermatologist recommended it to her, and I am obsessed with it. For me, I have seen results with this product brightening my skin, and preventing bumps/breakouts (two of my main skin concerns). The directions say to apply it AM/PM, but since my skin runs on the drier side ( and this product is a smidge drying), I have been using it at night after cleansing, only. It really has been my favorite new product, and at only $7, it's a steal for great skin!

Shoutout to all of the facial-sunscreen freaks out there (more on that later). My body always has more color than my face, also due to self-tan (more on that later, too). This amazing serum from Coola not only is crazy-hydrating due to the hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and argan oil it contains, but it also adds a light tan to my face. This helps my face match my body (LOL) and even out my skin tone. Plus it's natural and smells like coconuts. I used this last year and had to grab it again this year! It's definitely my summer must-have

This is a broad favorite right here, because I love SO many things that this range has to offer. Let's start with the Hydro Boost Eye Gel Cream. I use it day and night and just love the cooling and hydrating sensation of this cream under the eyes. I feel like it makes a visible difference in under-eye dryness, and have not found an eye-cream that I love more! The Hydro Boost Multi Vitamin Serum Booster is also amazing. I use it in the morning before I put on moisturizer. It has vitamins, antioxidants, and adds an extra boost of hydration that my skin drinks right up. To top off the serum, I use Hydro Boost Gel Cream. Like the eye cream, it cools down my skin and makes it feel so hydrated - like it just took a gulp of water! Since it's a gel-cream, it's also really light and perfect for daytime! I only use it during the day since I need something heavier-duty at night, but it has been my perfect daytime cream.

I learned pretty quickly that if I wanted to wear sunscreen during they day, it could not be in my daytime moisturizer. For some reason, combining the two together broke me out terribly. Heck, even regular sunscreen on top of my moisturizer break me out terribly. Not this one. Just like the other members of the Hydro Boost Fam, this sunscreen is moisturizing, nourishing, and of course protecting! This stuff feels so unlike a sunscreen and more like a gel, that's it's truly enjoyable to use. It's also nice to know I am getting premium sun protection to keep my skin bright and unwrinkled!

This is my option to self-tanning my body without using a harsh self-tanner that makes you super dark overnight. This body moisturizer is very moisturizing and adds the most natural tan-glow I have ever gotten from one of these products! It even has the tiniest, tiniest specs of shimmer in the lotion that is very flattering on the skin in the sun (or a bikini)! As someone who has used every option of gradual tan moisturizer on the market, this one is hands down the best of the best! I apply using it with a tan mitt, a tip I got from my mom. Thanks, Mom!


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